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July 8, 2011

Jack Clark's Musically Speaking column


— I wrote something in this space two weeks ago that did not come to fruition.

On last week’s Musically Speaking Internet radio program, I only featured some audio of the Eye of the Needle from WolfStock 2010.

Along with some summer-flavored tunes, from a time that many of your grandparents were strutting their collective stuff.

Digressing again... so distressing!

As many of you already know, I have a personal affinity for the music that was immensely popular in the United States in the early 1960s. Specifically, surf music.

No other genre of “popular” music has defined a particular season, or time-of-year, as surf music.

And folks, I’m certainly NOT talking about the Beach Boys here!

Although I will tip my hat to the legacy that the Beach Boys have left some 45-plus years later, they were most certainly NOT the only reason that surf music became important to the young people at the time.

Remember the tunes. How about the Surfaris? Their original, “Wipe Out,” became an instant classic for the generations to come. There was Jan and Dean, The Chantays and Ronny and the Daytonas.

In the summer of 1989, while I was toiling in afternoon-drive, playing the oldies at 1450 WDXR in Paducah and awaiting the arrival of my oldest daughter Brianna, who joined us in September of that year, the goal was to make the Arbitron ratings something that we could build on as a station.

That period was when I first began to truly appreciate popular music from the early 1960s.

In other stuff, of course WolfStock is slated for Sept. 17 this year, but there are other music festivals nearby this summer.

“Cave Blast” will be held at the Shawnee Cave Amphitheater July 8-9. The cave is located seven miles south of Murphysboro, about 10 minutes from SIU-Carbondale.

The Friday line-up for Cave Blast includes another Dead Cover Band and Midwest Hype. With only a week to go, the Saturday roster only has one act set, that being “Allison Floyd: A Pink Floyd tribute.” Check for more details.

The 2011 “Beesonstock Music and Arts Festival” will be held July 29-30 at the rural site located between Geff and Cisne, just off of highway 45 in northern Wayne County

A total of 20 bands have committed to the show. You can find out more by checking out the Beesonstock page on Facebook.

By the way, this weekend’s show will feature the final 25 minutes of Growing Oldish, recorded at WolfStock 2010. Whew! Now I’ve corrected the problem that started this column to begin with.

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