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February 26, 2011

Musically Speaking: ‘Dr. Sax’ makes appearance at GenKota

MT. VERNON — I finally got to meet Dr. Sax. I had been hearing about him for a while.

King City resident Dr. Solomon Apostol brought his saxophone, and his mastery of it, to my friend Del Herbert’s weekly gathering at the GenKota Winery on Sunday.

Dr. Sax brought an element to the event that hadn’t been seen yet.

Man, I love a saxophone. I suddenly found myself wanting to hear R.E.O. Speedwagon’s 1972 version of Chuck Berry’s “Little Queenie.”

Did you know that the legendary session-player Boots Randolph played the sax on that cut from the band’s second album?

“I said go... go... go little queenie.” Yeah, I know, I’m digressing again.

John Metcalf and Del played guitar with the Doc, while the trio reached back in time for some old jazz and blues classics, as well as a rousing rendition of the mostly instrumental tune, “Tequila.” Audience participation was encouraged.

Through the social-media phenomenon known as Facebook, I struggle at times to keep up with my FB friends, some of which appear to spend way too much time there. Please seek help.

Apparently Dave “The Rythym Man” Simmons is under-going a change in his modus operandi.

As of this weekend, Simmons, of Vienna, is now playing some dates with South of 70, with founding member Charles T. Leuker being transferred to a secret U.S. Air Force base in Texas.

Last night S70 was scheduled to perform in Paducah. The line-up was to include Jeff “Burrito” Bradley, Jeremy “Gov” Lloyd, Simmons and the band’s new back-up vocalist, Laura Vladetich.

Vladetich has a couple of previous dates with the band as prior experience.

Thank you for all of the nice messages about last week’s radio show.

I’ve been doing this Musically Speaking thing for two and a half years now. There hasn’t been another show that I have had as much fun doing.

Going back in time with old friends, who happened to be co-workers, was huge for me.

We are already working on part two. Maybe this summer? Hmmm.

The date has now been set for the second annual GenKotaFest. The event will be held May 21-22, 2011 at the winery on N. 44th St.

On Saturday, May 21, you will be able to witness the power of a performance like none other that you have seen, as Big River will make their King City debut as the headliner of the Saturday show.

Big River can best be described as Snake Lane Revue on steroids.

Those good ‘ol boys from Dahlgren will be joined by a few special friends and will give you a show that you won’t forget. Just ask anyone down around Elizabethtown, Illinois, where the band plays an annual August gig.

That’s all that has been booked so far. I’ll let you know when I know.

Don’t forget to check out:

Enjoy this week’s radio show and please be careful out there.

Don’t drink and drive or text and drive.

The Illinois State Police are counting on it.

  • Jack Clark is the host of Musically Speaking, a local radio program heard Sunday evenings at 6 p.m. on 102.1 WIBV.

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