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June 25, 2011

Musically Speaking: Countdown to WolfStock begins


MT. VERNON — Summer has officially arrived.

That means that we are now counting down the weeks and days until the fourth annual WolfStock celebration, to be held Sept. 17, at the Trout Farm near the former Old Union School in Mt. Vernon.

Although the order of appearance has yet to be set, here is the list of acts that will be on stage for WolfStock 2011.

Bathtub Gin: The moniker of a new local act fronted by Shane Emrich, who has become a popular live-performing artist in the area.

American Lion: The second of two new acts to be performing at WolfStock 2011. This band features former Doc Jones bassist Jake Schofield.

Brat Pack: A very popular show band from the Carbondale area that has performed a few times in Mt. Vernon over the last couple of years.

Green Lincoln: A rock band from the Fairfield area, fronted by James Beeson. This band has also attracted a following after laying a few shows in the King City.

Growing Oldish: A Mt. Vernon cover band that performs only rarely, having only played at the Relay for Life benefit two weeks ago. The bands last show was at WolfStock in 2010.

The Pumphouse Monster: This King City band has become a blues machine. Three of the members, Boo Fleener, Mark Sheets and Larry Campbell, have performed with The Drifters and with Mitch Ryder (sans the Detroit Wheels) over the last couple of years.

Justin Torres Loop Project: This is an act that I haven’t seen. The younger folks tell me that the Project is worth taking the time to listen to.

Gene Hood: Guitarist/vocalist Gene Hood was born and raised in Mt. Vernon. His first album, "Out of the Clouds," was recorded in 1980 and featured the talents of a couple of members of Farm. Roger Greenwalt on keyboards and Mike Young on drums. Gene currently resides near Seattle, Wash. His newest album, just released, is entitled "Singularity."

Eye of the Needle: Roger Greenwalt put this act together in 2009. The band exclusively performs instrumental music made popular by the English band, Camel, in the early 1970s. After a fabulous performance at WolfStock 2010, the act returns for a second year.

On this Sunday’s Internet-radio rogram, I will be playing for the first time the only recorded audio of Eye of the Needle from WolfStock 2010, plus some other selections from the same day.

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