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January 25, 2012

Local actors to perform at Sesser Opera House


MT. VERNON — — Well, winter is here... sort of.

And although the weather has been mostly co-operative over the last few weeks, one may still be looking for the occasional diversion.

If you’re looking for something completely different, how about considering the historic Sesser Opera House for an original on-stage production on Friday, Feb. 17?

“Tainted Love, stories and songs of the nasty side of love - broken hearts and betrayal” will be performed by a local cast (stars of stage) including: Rosie Cosens, Sean Tolley, Ed Anderson, Rita Anderson, Cindy Bevis, Danni Johnson, Blake “Skippy” Johnson and Jim Ford.

The production will have music provided by Tierre Harris and (if they can convince him to do it again) William Reynolds (leader of the Independent Silver Band).

Admission is $5, or two cans of food.

Cosens, the show’s producer, is no stranger to these kinds of productions. She produced another show in December at the Opera House, entitled the “1940s Radio Christmas Carol.”

Both of the Anderson’s, along with Ford and Tolley appeared in the group’s first production effort. Reynolds was the music director.

Cosens said that enough food was taken in during the three December performances to fill the beds of not one, but two pick-up trucks.

“Tainted Love” was written by Cosens, Tolley and Victoria Hunt.

Break a leg!

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Enjoy this weeks radio show and please be careful out there.