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April 30, 2011

Musically Speaking: Something special coming to WolfStock


MT. VERNON — For a reason that I cannot reveal at this time, I am starting to feel exceptionally good about the fourth installment of WolfStock, which will be held on Sept. 17 of this year.

Don’t you dislike that? Someone telling you that there is something that you would want to know, only to say that you can’t be told?

OK, forget I even said anything.

But, mark your calendars in ink, you won’t want to miss it.

In case you don’t know, WolfStock is an annual outdoor music festival dedicated to the memory of the late Bob “Wolfman” Trout, who was widely known as a supporter of local musicians. For more on WolfStock, go to, or to the Musically Speaking Web site.

Over these last few years I’ve noticed that there are, at times, subtle changes that occur within some of the performing or recording bands that you have read about here, or heard on the only radio program of its kind in Southern Illinois.

And not just here, but anywhere there are musicians who are all clamoring for the spotlight to be the focus of all attention.

I’ve also come to understand that situations in an individuals’ life can change — a change can also affect others.

I have found that there has been a change in the King City band known as Tommy Gunn. As you are already aware, the band had been looking for a new drummer. The core members, Billy Kniffen (guitar) and Greg Lundius (bass), have been having some practice sessions with Meghan (Crain) Barrow (vocalist/guitarist), a locally-known solo artist.

After a conversation with Lundius, I can tell you the band has a new drummer — Brent Cutler.

The band has been practicing together for the last few weeks and Lundius believes that the act will be ready for a show at the Tavern on 10th in May.

Due to the fact that I write the content of this space on Monday night and the decision on this weekends’ program will not be made until Wednesday, plan on hearing an eclectic assortment of tunes that we’ve heard on the show over the winter.

Or maybe I’ll have a surprise for you.

I can tell you that Jon Henninger and the Praise Band from Central Christian Church is scheduled to be on the radio program on May 8.

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