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October 30, 2007

More on 'Lucky Ol Walt'


“There is so much more to the story. He told me he was not going to live long, and he had not been sick at all, just knew. I thought he was afraid about the book so I told my out-of-town company they were on their own and I dedicated that weekend to finish up what he had written.

“The gal that had been working on it had computer problems, nothing was saved, wrong format, you name it. I’m sure she was not happy with me that weekend but through the Internet, we did it. I ran it to Kinko’s to get a copy printed.

“The guy who waited on me, ‘Angel,’ promised it would be ready for me in 24 hours. We Fed Expressed it and they arrived with the copy of the book as the paramedics were loading my dad in the ambulance heading to the hospital. He got to see it done and stayed around long enough to read it and give it his stamp of approval.”

Even Walt’s book itself was an interesting story.

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