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November 1, 2007

Morning notes

Our good friend Elvira called to tell me this morning that Paul Tibbets Jr. had died.

Tibbets flew the plane that dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, effectively ending World War II.

Elvira is an enthusiast of both local and world history. She pointed out that over the last seven days she has seen nine WWII veterans die. She said she is worried we are losing our link to that portion of our history. We will be looking into that for mention somewhere in the paper.


The trick or treating season has come and gone again. Check the Web Gallery section on this site to view photos of homes decorated for Halloween as well as trick or treaters making the rounds last night.


While reading the preview of the "Get Smart" play being presented this week at Rend Lake College, I was astonished that some of those performing in the play were not familiar with the 1960s adventures of Maxwell Smart, Agent 99 and others. One of the quoted individuals is 27 years old, not much younger than myself. I at least recall seeing the show on reruns as a kid. Oh well. Chalk it up to my quickly advancing age, I guess.


A neat event will be taking place 11 a.m. Saturday on the Register-News parking lot. Advertisers have put together a number of discounts and giveaways and they will be released to the public in a unique manner. Publisher Bob Dennis will dress up as Santa Claus, with the R-N ad staff serving as elves, and dump ping pong balls containing the discounts or items onto the parking lot. You may have seen the ping pong ball ads in the paper recently. This is where the campaign is headed.

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