Mt. Vernon Register-News

November 5, 2007

Citizen journalism

The process has hit light speed.

While we have routinely fielded our fair share of rumors and speculation, today offered an interesting twist.

Someone posted a message on our forum asking whether something they heard was rumor or fact. While our ears perked up and we started gathering information from various sources, many others posted messages on the forum with their takes and accounts.

Before long, City Manager Ron Neibert posted a message denying the rumor. The city manager went a step further and defended a city employee he felt was being unfairly attacked in the forum.

It was nice to see this thing play out on our forum and reach its pinnacle quickest to those of you who choose to visit this site and keep up to date through our message boards.

We will not have a story on the rumor, but those of you online got to see the process unfold first-hand and at the speed of a pecked keyboard.

This is citizen journalism, folks.


We had a lot of fun Saturday morning at our ping pong drop. 'Santa' dropped thousands of ping pong balls off of our roof and onto our parking lot, where hundreds of residents scurried to collect them as quickly as possible.

The ping pong balls were labeled with numbers that coincided with various discounts and giveaways provided by local businesses.

One guy jumped to the ground as soon as 'Santa' released the ping pong balls, and lay there waving his arms like an inverted snow angel, collecting as many of the yellow balls as he could and keeping them within his grasp.

Before the drop, there was time for dancing and conversing. R-N advertising reps dressed up as elves, while publisher Bob Dennis took on the main character's role in the production.

Again, it was a great time. Hope to see more of you there next year.