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December 19, 2012

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MT. VERNON — December 5, 2012

Dear Santa Claus,

Santa, thank you for all of my presents throughout the years. Can you tell your elfs that I said “Thank you elfs for making my my presents.” Santa, for Chrismas I want ten of your raindeer and a laptop. Thank you for everything.

Your friend,

Emma Accomando

Decmber 5, 2012

Dear Santa,

How are you? This is what I want for A.J to come here. Can you do that? I want Jacod to come. Can you do that to? But I will like if A.J., Jacod, Charity, Chasity, Mom, Dad to be here for Christmas. And A puppy.



DecemBer 4, 2012,

Dear Santa,

What I want for Chirstmas is a Dirt Bike. And will you Bring my puppy a Bone and toys, one more thang I want a ipad touch, and a ipod touch. Actully I want you to Bring stuff for Brother and sister.

your frend,


Dec 11, 2012

Dear, Santa Claus

How are you? I just wanted to tell you what I wanted for Christmas the presents is A BabyAlive. Ipad, phone A Coumputer and A Wiiu. For my mom I want a teddy bear. for my sister I want A basketball goal. And for my other sister I want a 3DxL for her thats all Merry Xmas.

Nesenserly Love,

Dynasty Lockhart

December 12, 2012

Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas is a 3DS. The games I want to go with it is Super Mario Bros. and New Super Mario Bros. 2. I also want Mario Karts 7 and Mario Karts reguar. Please and thank you. It does not matter If you can’t get it. It’s OK.

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas Santa.

Your friend,


December 12, 2012

Dear Santa,

How are you? I don’t want to be greedie so I want is an Xbox, Lego call of duty sandman; mason, menendez and ghost. Then I want a helicopter any kind. and I aready have a nother list so check that to and ..... Merry Christmas Santa

Your friend,


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