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Letters To Santa

December 19, 2012

Santa gets letters


MT. VERNON — Dear Santa,

How do you know if we are bad or good when we don’t have a elf? I want a hotwheels wall track set and an nintedo 3dsxl. This year I’ll put more cookies on our table. Your elf is warching me like you said. I would like to see you some day!

Your Friend,

Landyn Dotson

Dear Santa,

How do you get so much toys when there isn’t any stores? I will leave to cookies there. How do you carry 400004000 toys with 1 hand? I want a super samurai ranger costume with a sword.

Your Friend,

Noah Inman

Dear Santa,

How do you delivery presents? How many cookies do you eat? I want a razor scooter for Chritmas. My mom wants a new phone. My dad wants new clothes. My brother wants a vetriqist dummy. My sister wants an iphone 5.

Your Friend,

Fischer Davis

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is my famaly I want some toys and my Christmas wish is my grandma to be alive.

Your Friend,

Teireng Boyd

Mrs. Moore’s Third grade class K-3 Primary Center

If Santa got stuck in my  chimney. I would look through the presents. After i looked through the presents i would help Santa by getting on the roof and poking him with my Christmas tree so he would fall down the chimney. When he isn’t stuck anymore i would ask him if I could have a ride on his sled. Then after all that I would go to sleep.

By Brendan Kelly

If Santa got stuck in a my chimmeny... I will get a rope and tie it to his feet and pull him out. An i that doesn’t work I will put butter around him and get him out. An if that doesn’t work I will get a bunge cord and get him out. Then when I finnaly get him out. I will ask him if I can go to the north pole to see his elves. An thats what I will do if Santa got stuck in a chimminney.

Love Lilly

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