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Letters To Santa

December 19, 2012

Santa gets letters


MT. VERNON — If Santa got stuck in my chimmy I would take the presents. I will get my dad to get him out. I will tell the reindeer to go to the northpole. I will tell the elf to make me a lot of stuff. I will be Mrs. Claus daughter. They made a dress for me and some shoes.

By Sara

If Santa got stuck in my chimney I woold help him. I would put a slead under him. I woold ride his raindeer. I woold call is elves to help him. I woold ride rudolph to the north pole.

By Meghan Ziehm

If Santa got stuck in the chimey I would go outside and have a ride on His slay. and pet the raindeer and ask santa if I could keep Rudolph and if I can ill be outside all day! with hime and ill feed hem a lot so he did not die and teach hem to rool over! and ill play with hem and teach him to play vido game and ill let hem sleep with me. and than ill teakle santa and put a tramlen under him and hell fall on the tramplen.

By Vance Scott LOL!!!

If Santa got stuck in my chimney i would: Wake-up my mom and dad and they would pull me while I pull Santa. And if that does not work I would take Santa’s phone call the north pole and tell them to bring there suplies. And if that does not work I would jump up-and-down till he falls. These were three things I would do if Sant got stuck in my chimney.

By Riley Beris

If Santa got stuck in my chimmey I would pull him out without looking at him. or fodolg will help or the Elves will push him in the house. or Santa will call for help.

By Stephen Lake

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