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Letters To Santa

December 19, 2012

Santa gets letters


MT. VERNON — If santa got stuck in my chimney I would get a stick and pok his stomach. The next thing I would do is go to the North Pole and tel the elves that im in charg. I would get all the presents to myself then une of the elve said “that christmas was ruined” so i went to santa and pull him out. and he yelled so loud that my moth fel out. Finly my mom and dad work up I tlod them the wole story and ges what they did not beleve me.

By Rebecca

If santa got stuck in my chimmeny I would get some baby ole and pull him out. Then sart singin santa aaulse is coming to town. You not cry you better not pout I’m telling you why... Next while he is putting our prests away I would go get Rodolph and gly away. Then I’ll come back and sneak up stairs and go to sleep.

Victoria Millsap

If Santa got stuck in my chimney I would call his reindeer and tell them to shove him down and if they can’t then I will do it myself and if I can’t then sorry charley.

By Braden Hempen

If Sata got stake in my chimmney I wade get a broom to get him out but the broom woude brake because he is so fat and I’d tall him to get a diet and he siad yes and he siad if I get him out he woude give me Chrismas arreday and than I told his raindeer to pull him out. Now I can have Chrismis erreday. I love Chrismis.

By Cristian

If santa got stuck in my chimney. I will help him and I will look in my present because I want to see what do I get for chrismas. I want to ride his sled. I want to see his reindeer so I can teech it becaus it looks allsame and pretty.

By Myrikle Williams

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