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Letters To Santa

December 19, 2012

Santa gets letters


MT. VERNON — If Santa got stuck in my chimneiy I would say, How did you get truck in my chimneiy that can’t be good now the only way to get you out is to push you down the chimneiy or I can pull you out and you can go through the door but thats going to be very hard to do.

By Nicholai Keele

If Santa got stuck in my chimney... I would call 911 and see if Santas okay and if he isn’t then I would be Santa and find Santas raindeer and fly up in the air and jump out of the sleigh and tune on my jetpack and fly in the house with the presint and put the persint under the Christmas tree and if a kid wakes up I would ack like a Christmas presint and when the kid gose back to bed I would go back up the chimney with my Jetpack and go to house to house to house and see if santa is stiel okay and go back to the Northpole.

the end

By Jace Bayles

If Santa got stuck in my chimney. First, I would push him out. Second, I would tell Rudolph and the reindeer to push him down the chimney. Third, I would tell him can I get my presents.

By Ja’mesha

If Santa got stuck in my chimney. First, I would get in his big bag of toys and take what I want. Second, I would tell the reindeers a story then they will take me to the North Pole. Third, I would finale I would get him out.

By Kathryn Marye Webster

If santa got stuck in my chimmey I would get a ladder and squeeze the cookies out of him. Then I would get on is sleifh and take ride to the north pole and still all of my pressents. Then when I got back home I would help santa, but first I would go in my house and get the fire stuff. after I would help him to my house then I would start the fire so santa can be warm then I would gte him some milk and cookies then we would talk for a little while about my presents for next year then I would get santa a blanket and a couple of pillows and turn on the T.V. on to grandma got ran over by a reindeer then gell asleep.

By Emily Smith

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