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Letters To Santa

December 19, 2012

Santa gets letters


MT. VERNON — If Santa got stuc in my chimney I would get something that could break the chimney if that didnt work then I would put something at the bottom of the chimney then put a lot of air in it to blow him out if that didn’t work I would put a lot of hevey stuff on top of him then i would sit on it.

By DeAndre Davis

If santa got stuck in my chimney roudogh will eat the cookies and there would not be any Presents, the elves will not wait so they will go in the chimney and try to Puch him down then if santa goes down he will see my fire place and go in accidently.

By Raedan Keith Szarek

If Santa was sruck in my chemney I woud screme and help him out of the chmney and give him some cookies and milk and let his raiendeer eat some deer food than i woud help him up the chemney run up to my room and waef goodby to him.

By Zanyra James

Primary Center

Dear Santa Claus,

I want to know how you make toys. Is Ms. Claus OK and your raindeer? For Christmar I want a laptop and a Junie B. Jonies and her Big fat mouth Book.



Dear Santa,

How are you and Mrs. Claus this year? How are the reindeer? I want to know how you make toys! I will leave treats out for you on Chrismas eve. How are the elves? What are the evles doing now? Please let me send toys to the orphans, because they’re poor. I want a Asus, and Dsi



Dear Santa,

Where did you get you riandeer? I want a pair of walkie talkies and a play station 3. Plase get my brother a car. Get my sister a makup set she will be happy with that. get my Mom a new purse. and get my dad something.



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