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Letters To Santa

December 19, 2012

Santa gets letters


MT. VERNON — Dear Santa,

Will you please breng me a Dsi and an i pod and a kindle fire and a pone please. What do your reindeer ear? My brathr wats a phone rele bad.



Magic Stilley

Age: 4

Parents: Randy and Wendy Stilley

Dear Santa

Are your deer good. Are deer bad. I want a toy crab because crabs pinch. I want a buzz Lightyear with a Laser. I want Red Shoes. I will Leave you some chocolate milk and spaghetti. From your friend magic love you.

Ashton Stilley

Age: 6

Parents: Randy and Wendy Stilley

Dear Santa,

i want a toy car. Iwant a wig for my dad. For my brother magic I want a green bog with Red eyes from toy Story. I want my mom to  have a ring. I will leave you salsbury steak and pink milk.

From Ashton Stilley


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