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Letters To Santa

December 19, 2012

Santa gets letters


MT. VERNON — Dear Santa,

I would like for Christmas a meep and all the instruments that go with it. And a Ipod, Ipad, toy wrestlers, eight realy baby reindeer. And a red Santa suit that looks like yours that fits me, and a Santa hat, red sleigh And a guide book that tells me how to feed the reindeer, book that tells me how to teach the reindeer how to fly, And games for my video games.

Your freind,


Dear Santa,

I want a tablet for Christmas. Please let it have play store because it has cooool apps. That is all I want for Christmas.



Dear Santa,

Yyou are my favorite person I ever heard of. At first I thought you were fake, but you are real. Kaliegha said you were fake, I don’t beleave that. You are the kindest man ever. I love it when you give me presents & special things that means to me. I love you.



P.S. Plese wright back

Dear Santa,

all I want for christmas is an Iphone cover with a kickstand and a stilest that is want for christmas.

Love Sydney Durham

Dear Santa,

For chrismas I want a dog and nails that can go on my fingers. and I want the dog to be a puppy and a paindeer and a tablet and computer for chrismas and hail boots.



Dear Santa,

I wood like the new game super mario brose two and the fame called three ds that is wute I waht for critsmase of and wille your at it will you give me a ride to ..... New Yourk city and those are the two things I waht for critsmase.


Dear Santa,

I want one of your reindeer belts from your sley for chrismas. And for you a plate of cookies and milk. And a onament that looks like you. And one more thing. I believe in you!

Love: Joey R.

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