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Letters To Santa

December 19, 2012

Santa gets letters


MT. VERNON — Qadeem, Primary Center

Dear Santa,

I NEED A New pair of sock and shoose. I know IF I dont be good I will not GET what I want what was supose to get from Qadeem to santa day of christmas. Please get me what I want.


Dear Santa.

I wont a car. kit and a kite kit. o and bring my mmom coming to ok ok.

a my brother wont 2. a car to and a toy. o and I wont a dog to and tell mrs. closs hi to by santa. o and my other. bother wonts a. football to and my mo

Dear Sant This year I wont a book for Chrismas and a big train and a full house doll and a pupet and the holl set and a toy DE roupho and a Amacan girl Doll and molls dog and that ring at jace peney that my mom wonted and a do caier talks.


Dear Santa,

I don’t need much But I want alot I’m not trying to be greedy but here is what I want, I want ALL the monster High dolls and a REAL lap-top. here is what I need, internet for my laptop that I want. Your the best Santa

Love, Joslin

Dear Santa

I dont need anything.

I want wwe toy cort hawkins, brodus clay, brock tesna, rydback, cmpunk, undertaker, jake the snake and stone cold. wwe raw entrance arean. wwe enslopdeia. Royal rumble 2000-2012 Dvd’s. I also want the bigs how toy, wwe 13 that would be awesome, thanis!

Sincerly, Noah

Hola Santa nokieronada solone secito un calseten. i un televicion porgabor i un aipat


Der Santa

I love you so much that I think wer going to lev mikl and cokys for you. Santa I really want to macke me happy this crismus. I wish for snow bal fights and sum snow to do that with wen I get cold I go insid.


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