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Letters To Santa

December 19, 2012

Santa gets letters


MT. VERNON — Alaine

Dear Santa,

I will want a micophone and a doll but ifs a monster high doll named cupid. It will a awsome Christmas with my family on Christmas. Oh say to Rudolph everyone in my class in art made him cause he is so CUTE! and Mrs. Clause is with for ever.

Dear Santa,

Oh ok mom! Sorry santa my mom said to clean my room. So I can tell you what I need is shoses and a cote. I want is Monster high dolls and cooking stuff and stuffed tigte and a laptop.

love Holly

Dear Santa,

I don’t want to be mean or nothing. I want to ask you some questions. How is Mrs. Claus Doing? How is the elfs doing? How are you doing? Know I am going to tell you what I want and need. I need some new shoes and new clothes and a new phone. Love, Justin

Dear Santa,

This year I don’t want to be as greedy as last year. I don’t need or want much. I would like a par of leg warmers. pink of corse! An a cople of hair gethers. I will leave the milk and cokies on me dreeser. Love Maddy

Dear Santa What I want for christmas is and i’m beging you to Please Please get me a doll please get it for me and I want it. I want a new cow towy . and a new dog becuase the other one goes to the bathroom in the house.

Cheyanne galvin

Dear Santa,

For christmas I won’t a barbei doll hous and some sparcke hear spray and 1,002,000,730,500,000 dollars and a baby hamster and hamster food and straw and a elf.

From Tyrionna tasha mays

Dear Santa I need pants shirt socks. I want pivesy a bike a skat bard psp play stashen 3 tv pitket kife pelet shot gun. I am sory fot tesing my sister. I am sory for tesing my sousen


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