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January 6, 2014

Experts urge public to keep their pets safe in cold weather

Freezing temperatures are hard on animals

MT. VERNON — — As the cold weather continues, area residents should make sure their pets are protected against the freezing temperatures.

According to Dr. Grant J. Hinder, a doctor of veterinary medicine, animals can be just as susceptible to frostbite as humans can. If a dog is running in the snow, it could develop frostbite within 15 minutes if snow and ice becomes lodged between its toes or pads, he said.

Pets should be kept indoors unless they have an outdoor shelter with a heat lamp that's protected from the wind. Also, make sure your pet has a good water source and feed them a little more during cold weather unless they are overweight, Hinder said.

More information will be posted at this site about the weather situation.

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