Mt. Vernon Register-News

August 2, 2013

City street paving projects are underway

The Register-News

---- — MT. VERNON – Mt. Vernon city work crews Thursday began asphalt work on Newby Avenue as part of the city’s annual road maintenance program.

Portions of Newby, 26th Street, Casey Avenue, Kingsridge Drive, and Oakland Avenue will be repaved in this year’s program.

Each year, the city sets aside close to $200,000 to purchase materials for the maintenance work. That funding comes from motor fuel tax revenue, said Matt Fauss, Mt. Vernon’s public works director.

“We hope to get 20 years of life out of an asphalt treatment,” Fauss said.

Despite the rainy weather recently, this year’s maintenance program is on schedule to be finished by October, Fauss said.

“We had a wet year, but we’re still on track,” Fauss said.

Workers Thursday put down the first course or layer of new asphalt on Newby Avenue. Early next week, the final course will be applied.

Preparation work has been completed on several of the streets in this year’s program.

However, Newby Avenue is the first one workers have actually laid down asphalt for, Fauss said.

Next on the schedule for city work crews is to start removing some of the existing asphalt on 26th Street today, Fauss said. Then paving will begin on that street in the next few weeks.

For more information on the road maintenance program, contact the Public Works Department at 242-6853.