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August 16, 2013

Water tower to get new look

MT. VERNON — The newly constructed Times Square Mall water tower is expected to get a new look by the end of fall.

“We’re opening bids for painting the tower (today),” said City Manager Ron Neibert. “We will open them at 10 a.m. and have a recommendation for the Council by the meeting on Monday, then hope to have it completed early this fall.”

This is the second time the city has gone out to bid for the painting, the first time asking contractors to bid on painting the tower and the pedestrian bridge over Broadway at Casey Middle School.

“We didn’t receive any bidders that time,” Neibert said. “We spoke with the contractors and found out they were concerned with the schedule for completion of painting the bridge ... which had to be done before the start of school. It was going to be hard to meet the schedule.”

So, the city decided to separate the two painting projects.

“We will be re-evaluating when and what to do with the bridge,” Neibert said. “The Branding Leadership Team is looking at that project. We don’t want to interfere with school, whatever is decided.”

The design for painting the tower has many contractors excited, Neibert said.

“It’s a design consistent with the city’s adopted brand,” Neibert said. “There is a design function to it. It’s not just putting a coat of paint on there and then walking away. The community is making a statement. Several contractors we’ve talked to are interested and excited about doing it. ... Having the signature painting on the water tower is what branding is about — making a statement about Mt. Vernon.”

The design is in line with the adopted branding which now appears on city letterhead and other items — a white background with various colored swirls — described by some on the BLT as “whimsical.” The design was adopted to go along with the city’s motto, “Creativity Redefined.”

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