Mt. Vernon Register-News

November 3, 2012

Bike trail construction has begun

One lane on Broadway will be blocked off near Casey Middle School


MT. VERNON — Work has started on what is being called the Cedarhurst leg of the multi-use trails.

West bound motorists on Broadway across from Casey Middle School have been diverted into one lane during part of the work, near the overpass walkway. Work at the location is expected to continue for a few more days before going further along 18th Street.

The trail is expected to go along 18th Street to the railroad tracks, where it will then travel northwest through the old Public Works property, continue below the dam at the reservoir to Lake Street and the United Methodist Children’s Home, according to City Manager Ron Neibert.

“Construction crews have removed the back stop at the children’s home, but won’t be there for a while,” Neibert said. “They are starting on South 18th Street and moving around to that area. They will still be on 18th Street for a few more days.”

The work on the trail is being done by Gleason Asphalt Inc., which won the low bid at $466,807.98. The bid was approved in August.

The trail is a combination of sidewalks, bicycle lanes on the roadway, and a multi-use trail.

“On 18th Street, it’s a share the road trail, as it is on Lake Street,” Neibert said. “The trail section, which is through public works, below the dam and along the children’s home property, is an 8-foot wide asphalt trail.” Neibert said. “The trail is expected to be completed by the end of the calendar year, barring any bad weather. The completion will depend on the weather.”