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March 23, 2013

Heartland Music Collective keeps in touch with scene

Miss me while I was gone?

Well, I’m back. And the music continues.

Roger Perez and Kelly Bandy began an Internet podcast called Heartland Music Collective in which they talk about — what else — local music here in Southern Illinois.

Bandy doesn’t pull any punches when talking about what music means to her.

“I am a fan of music. Music has never abandoned me. Music has never allowed me to feel empty. Music makes me feel something whether it be unbearable sadness, overwhelming joy, love, sorrow, pain, extreme rage or uninhibited bliss,” said Bandy. “Even when I didn’t want to feel anything at all, music made me feel alive. Music saved my life. Music made me who I am. I am because of music.

“I owe it to the music to support it and the amazingly talented musicians who get up on stage and bare their soul to me. I not only hear the music but I can feel the energy from each musician on stage hammering out their own demons either in their vocals or on their instruments. I appreciate the fact that they are willing to get up there and share that pain with me.”

Bandy said the project is a few months in the making.

“It was due to a late night Facebook chat with Roger back on Sept 24, 2012” Bandy recalled. “We were both talking about our local talent and what we could do to help them, to help the music. He mentioned that he was wanting to do a podcast to spotlight independent artists. He saw that we both had the same passion for the music and told me that I would make a perfect partner...and here we are. We are up and running as the Heartland Music Collective. We have several episodes under our belt. Viewers can find us on Facebook ... and they can follow us on Twitter @HMCPodcast. They can email us at and most importantly, the podcast episodes can be found on”

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