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March 26, 2013

RLCD approves tentative budget


In the Wastewater Treatment and Sewer portion of the capital plan, $20,000 is expected for manhole replacements and repairs; $75,000 for lift station pumps and upgrades; and $20,000 for I & I testing.

Under Administration, projects include $10,000 for out building roofs; $5,000 for interior improvements; $10,000 for exterior improvements; $20,000 for parking; $5,000 for equipment; and $15,000 for HVAC.

In the Recreation area, $5,000 is expected to be spent for the restaurant and banquet buildings; $10,000 for restaurant parking; $10,000 for site improvements such as roads and lighting; and $10,000 for the shooting complex roof and electricity.

In the Golf area, $40,000 is being budgeted for golf maintenance mowing equipment and $20,000 for cart path improvements. At the Lodge, $10,000 is being budgeted for wallpaper, $10,000 for carpet and $20,000 for furniture.

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