Mt. Vernon Register-News

May 7, 2013

Bids received for electric service

The Register-News

---- — MT. VERNON — Bids are expected to be opened today from electric suppliers for the aggregate group which includes the city.

“We expect to be able to approve the low bidder on Friday and have lower rates for our customers in the month of June,” said City Manager Ron Neibert during the city council meeting on Monday.

The council approved the rules of governance for the electric aggregation program, which was approved by voters in April. According to Jeff Haarmann of Affordable Gas and Electric, the rules of governance will allow for the opening of the bids by potential suppliers of electricity.

“Once that happens, we will notify the winning supplier and they will begin preparing the opt-out letters, which are expected to be mailed out in late May or early June,” Haarmann explained. “There is a 14 day official opt-out period which will conclude in the middle of June. There is no penalty, no fees to leave the program. At this point, all residents need to remember is if they want to stay in the program, they don’t have to do anything.”

Haarmann said under the existing schedule, the winning supplier of electricity for the aggregate will begin enrolling customers under the new rates during the June and July meter read dates.

Haarmann reiterated that the new rates and aggregate does not affect customers of Tri-County Electric Cooperative and only includes the electric supply portion of a resident’s bill.

“This does not include natural gas, or the transmission of electricity,” Haarmann said. “This is for the supply of electricity.”

Haarmann said residents could see a 10 or 15 percent change on electric bills.

“That will be on the total bill, with delivery and supply combined,” Haarmann said. “The natural gas portion is not affected.”

A copy of the rules of governance is available at City Hall and will be on the city’s Web site.

In other business, the council”

Granted permission to seek bids for the purchase of street maintenance material;

Granted permission to seek financing for a roll-off truck and a fire pumper;

Approved an ordinance rezoning property at 11100 N. Illinois Highway 148 from agriculture to R-3;

Approved the rezoning of properties and the conditional use of those properties by Central Christian Church;

Approved a conditional use permit to Kip and Katrina Bauer at 120 S. Ninth St., to allow a residence above the main floor of the building;

Approved annexing property into city limits at 13928 N. Dartmouth Ln.;

Approved appropriation of motor fuel tax funds for the street maintenance program;

Approved a Tax Increment Finance District inducement resolution for Audio Visionz and properties at 1500, 1502 and 1506 S. 10th St.;

Approved a proposal to allow for a signal warrants analysis/justification study for Veterans Memorial Drive and the entrance of Good Samaritan Regional Health Center;

A0pproved an amendment to an agreement with HGM Engineers for design work of the South 34th Street reconstruction project south of Veterans Memorial Drive;

Approved an agreement with Tri-County Electric Cooperative to put in a three-phase underground electric line on the east side of South 34th Street to supply the Aquatic Zoo;

Approved a proposal from Siemens for full service odor control at Lift Station 15; and

Heard a proclamation for National Police Week for the week of May 12 and for Police Memorial Day on May 15.