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February 19, 2014

City asks for input

MT. VERNON — Residents are asked to fill out a two-question survey about landscape and leaf burning and a proposed recycling program.

“Please take five minutes out of your life to check the boxes and return the survey,” Mayor Mary Jane Chesley said Tuesday during the regular council meeting. “This is an opportunity to establish communication and get input from the public.”

Last week, the council decided to conduct a survey to get public input on whether or not to ban leaf burning in the city limits and whether people wanted to participate in a city-wide recycling program. In order to communicate with the public, the survey will be on the next residential water bills.

“It will be on the reverse side of the bill, “ Chesley said. “Residents may check the boxes — it’s just two questions with yes or no boxes — and when they send it in to pay their bill, their vote will be tallied.”

Chesley said for those residents who pay online, calls may be made to the billing department for their survey responses.

In other business, the council also approved going out for bids for the construction and installation of the wayfinding system. Sign design and placement have been approved by the Illinois Department of Transportation.

“Wayfinding is a means to increase traffic flow in the community and make it attractive,” said City Manager Ron Neibert.

Neibert said the council is expected to have bids for consideration at the first meeting in April.

“I just found out today it will take three to four months to do the sign fabrication,” Neibert explained. “Then, it will take about 30 days to install the signs.”

About 100 sign locations have been identified throughout the city.

The final order of business was to accept property from the Jefferson County Development Corporation. The property is located on North Water Tower, and was donated to the JCDC by the developer of the business subdivision in that area.

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