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February 19, 2014

MVTHS awards three bids

The Register-News

---- — MT. VERNON — Mt. Vernon Township High School has awarded three construction bids for the new school project.

The three bids are in the work categories of earthwork, asphalt and ceramic tile. These are categories that will not undergo significant scope changes during the ongoing redesign of the new school.

For earthwork, a low bid of $1,466,850 from Moniger Excavating was awarded. In the asphalt category, the low bid of $1,067,990 from Rooters Asphalt was awarded. And finally, the low bid of $30,540 from TSI Commercial Floor Covering was awarded in the ceramic tile category.

“We’re excited that we’re able to award our first bids related to the project and indications that we’re making forward progress,” said Superintendent Michael Smith.

The three bids were awarded at Tuesday night’s meeting of the MVTHS Board of Education.

There are still about 22 more work categories that need to be bid out. The rebidding of these categories is now set to take place this summer, with construction of the new school to begin in mid-September.

Even though the three bids have been awarded, work will not commence on those categories until after new bids come in for the other categories, said Brian Baldwin, project manager for the McCarthy firm.

“We’re going to still wait until the bids come in so that we make sure that the project is still completely on budget,” Baldwin said. “I think we have a path moving forward and I think this is good progress.”

In December, the initial construction bids for the 25 work categories came it at more than $6 million over-budget. This prompted the school district to approve major scope changes to the project to cut costs.

FGM Architects is now completing a redesign of the new school, which is set to be finished in early July. After that, the rebidding will take place.

The current plan for the new school’s construction does not include a theater or football field in the base bid amount.

However, these items have been designated as alternates and will be returned to the plans if sufficient funding is available after rebidding.

Also on Tuesday, FGM officials presented the MVTHS Board with information on their timeline for the redesign.

Smith asked FGM to come back with more detailed information regarding “specific performance benchmarks as to what’s going to be accomplished.”

MVTHS Board member Ben Mitchell warned FGM officials that the timing of this project has become crucial.

“When we lock into a time, we’ve got to live with it,” Mitchell said.

Other MVTHS Board actions Tuesday included:

n Hearing of a detailed mid-year progress report from MVTHS administrators.

n Approval of the employment of Bobbie Lane as an HOSA teacher for the remainder of the 2013-2014 school year.

n Approval of an employee resignation agreement. School board officials did not reveal the identity of the employee resigning.

n Hearing of comments from a local parent, who spoke of a student having trouble with bullying at MVTHS.