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February 21, 2014

Library hosts special Lincoln program

MT. VERNON — Historical impersonator David Wolfe II presented a special program on the life and times of Abraham Lincoln Thursday night at the Brehm Library.

Wolfe, an actor from Owensboro, Ky., said the goal of his performance was to give the audience a sense of Lincoln’s lasting legacy, as well as the former president’s gift for storytelling.

“I love his storytelling ability, his humor,” Wolfe said of Lincoln. “He’d make a good stand-up comedian, I’ll just tell you that.”

Wolfe’s presentation, called simply “The Life of Lincoln,” lasted about an hour and covered Lincoln’s entire life — from his childhood in Kentucky all the way to his death.

Throughout the performance, Wolfe pulled people to participate in demonstrations. Wolfe said it’s this engaging quality that makes him different from other historical interpreters.

“I don’t just stand up there and (say), ‘for score and seven years ago,’” Wolfe said. “I’ll even pull people from the crowd.”

Speaking as Lincoln, Wolfe told the audience Thursday a number of anecdotes from Lincoln’s life. These stories, he said, help illustrate Lincoln’s leadership abilities, how he stood up to bullies, and how he loved reading and education.

“Obviously, being in a library, we always try to emphasize on reading, how important that was,” Wolfe said.

Wolfe’s presentation also dealt with Lincoln’s time in the White House and the difficulty of presiding over the country during the Civil War.

“The big question people always ask me is, ‘what was it like when he was the president?’” Wolfe said. “And we talk about that a little bit. We hit key moments. … My hopes and prayers are that I left a lasting legacy for you all to remember.”

When he was a child, Wolfe said he idolized Lincoln and many of the other presidents. Lincoln, in particular, appealed to Wolfe because of his flair for storytelling.

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