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March 5, 2014

Republican candidates compete

Editor’s Note:

This is the second profile of candidates running in contested races in Jefferson County for the March 18 Primary Election. Today, the Republican candidates for Jefferson County Sheriff are highlighted.

MT. VERNON — Three candidates are vying for the Republican nomination for Jefferson County Sheriff — John Lewis, John Scott and David G. Morris.

Lewis said his goal is to make the sheriff’s office on that will bring pride to all citizens.

“I want to bring a higher level of professionalism and integrity to the Sheriff’s Office and above all, improve the visibility and response time of our deputies,” Lewis said. “Trust and confidence must be restored in the Sheriff’s Office. The bickering about money and the jail, which we have all endured for the last few years, must stop. Numbers don’t lie, and the voters see clearly; transparency and common sense should be applied to the budget and administration of the jail.”

Lewis said law enforcement is his passion.

“You can only lead as far as you’ve gone,” Lewis said. “You cannot supervise personnel if you have not done the job. I have a distinguished 25-year career with the Illinois State Police and I worked in and supervised homicide, violent crime, narcotics and general criminal units. I was the Region 4 Crime Scene Commander for the southern 31 counties in Illinois for Crime Scene Units. This background gives me expertise to know what resources and agencies can be made available in special situations. Law enforcement is my passion! Nothing is more important than integrity and professionalism. I have led investigations which resulted in the arrests of two sheriffs and one chief deputy, demonstrating by actions — not words — that personnel should be held to a higher standard. I neither ‘sweep things under the rug’ nor ‘wink and nod’ at any example of unprofessionalism. You deserve for your next sheriff to stand up for what’s right.”

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