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March 5, 2014

Council seeking grants


The city approved an option to purchase 100 acres for $1.75 million from Barnard Farms and Barnard Soil Service, LLC in December 2013. The existing city industrial park only has 25 acres left for development.

At the time the council approved the option, it was announced the city would be looking at applying for the Federal Economic Development Administration grant program.

According to Neibert, the grant application is for infrastructure only, such as streets, water service and sewer service. The city is requesting $3.25 million, with a match of $3.75 million — with the city’s match already allocated in a reserve fund.

The grant does not include land acquisition, however, the funds for the property have also been allocated in the budget, Neibert said.

“We are very hopeful of receiving this grant,” Neibert said. “We haven’t received funding from this agency in 25 years.”

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