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October 20, 2012

Committee recommends SMART Board

The SMART Board would be for the Jefferson County Board Room

MT. VERNON — — Members of the newly-formed Technology Committee recommended the purchase of a SMART Board for the Jefferson County Board Room.

Technology Committee Chairman Robert Knutson said he sought a quote for a SMART Board and projector to be placed and used in the boardroom in the basement of the courthouse.

Knutson provided the committee with a quote from CIM Technology Solutions for the equipment at a total cost of $5,137, which he said would be drawn from the county’s Contingency Fund.

He said the board is a “neat resource” and that through his connections with Mt. Vernon Township High School, he is able to get a board for the county at the same rate as the school.

Committee member John Keele made a motion to recommend to the full board to purchase the SMART Board and projector.

Board member Jim Laird said he doesn’t see how the equipment will help out the County Board.

However, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Maj. Scott Burge and several other county employees expressed interest in having a SMART board in their facilities.

The Technology Committee also discussed the purchase of computer tablets for the next County Board, the cost of which was built into the tentative Fiscal Year 2012-2013 Budget.

Knutson said he was seeking permission from the committee to begin finding different options for the tablets.

Committee members Wayne Hails made the motion to recommend to the full board to allow Knutson to begin searching for the best tablet options and Fred Edwards seconded the motion.

Clint Eilerts and Claire Ploegman of Arthur Agency came before the committee to update them on the progress of the construction of the county’s website. They provided the committee with a site map and discussed how the site navigation would work.

Eilerts said the website will be built on a content management system that will allow county employees to update the information on relevant pages.

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