Mt. Vernon Register-News

October 29, 2012

Cedarhurst hosts glassmakers


MT. VERNON — Dwayne Colvin of Mt. Vernon would like to see more young people participate in activities like glass making.

“I wish our young people would get off the couches from in front of televisions and do this, watch this kind of stuff and do these kinds of things,” the  Mt. Vernon man said.

Colvin’s comments came while watching a glass-making demonstration at the Cedarhurst Center for the Arts on Saturday. Demonstrations were also held Sunday as part of a preview of new exhibitions at the museum including at the Joy Thornton-Walter and John Walter Collection of Contemporary Glass Art.

The glass-making demonstrations were conducted by faculty and students at the School of Art and Design at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. The glass program at the school travels across the country using a mobile glass studio complete with furnace and kilns between three and eight times a year for demonstrations, said visiting professor Cortney Doyd of the art and design school.

“I hope people are maybe seeing something they have never seen before and  that they can appreciate how things are made, not only glass art but also some of the things they might have in their homes,” Doyd said.

Just ask Ashley Pedone about that process and she’ll give you a highly technical lesson that almost sounds like physics in addition to art. Pedone, of Villa Park, is a senior in SIU’s glass program. Saturday’s demonstration was her first.

Like Doyd, Pedone said she hopes people gain an appreciation for the  work that goes into the craft, which can take from 20 minutes to three hours to complete depending on what is being made.

“I hope people get a better understanding of what work actually goes into glass pieces so when they go to an exhibit  ... they’ll actually know how hard it is to make a piece,” Pedone said.