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December 13, 2013

Bids opened for new high school

MT. VERNON — Roughly 90 base construction bids for the new proposed Mt. Vernon Township High School were opened and read aloud Thursday at a special ceremony at the MVTHS auditorium.

Now that the bids have been received, MVTHS consultants will begin analyzing them and interviewing potential contractors, said Superintendent Michael Smith.

“They're actually going to go back and they're going to work the numbers and make contacts with the bidders,” Smith said. “They're going to work on that the next week for sure.”

Representatives of FGM Architects and the McCarthy firm were on hand Thursday to coordinate the ceremony.

Although further investigation is needed, Chief Architect Greg Brown said the overall number of bids looks promising at this point.

“On average, it looks like about five (bids) per category, which is good,” Brown said. “But until I add all the numbers up, I won't know.”

Twenty-five construction projects or “work categories” are being bid out in this phase of the effort. Bids from most of the 25 categories were read at Thursday's ceremony.

This month, MVTHS officials are focusing on the 10 “critical” projects. They include earthwork, plumbing, concrete, electrical, metals, heating, asphalt, ventilation, masonry, and aluminum and glass.

For earthwork, four bids were read at Thursday's ceremony. Shores Builders Inc. submitted a base bid of $1,539,900; Guinzy Construction Inc. submitted a bid of $1,881,000; Moniger Excavating had a bid of $1,466,849; and Sierra Bravo Contractors, LLC had a bid of $2,069,670.

For plumbing, Litton Enterprises Inc. gave a bid of $4,012,980 and Rend Lake Plumbing & Heating Company Inc. had a bid of $4,552,000.

In the concrete category, River City Construction had a bid of $7,648,000; Poettker Construction Co. submitted a bid of $6,120,000; Shores Builders Inc. had a bid of $4,595,000; and Concrete Strategies had a bid of $5,402,700.

For the electrical project, Clinton Electric Inc. submitted a bid of $11,216,828 and Guarantee Electrical Construction Co. had a bid of $7,429,549.

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