Mt. Vernon Register-News

December 21, 2013

Woodlawn couple finds Tiny Tim medallion

The Register-News

---- — MT. VERNON Steve and Cindy Draege of Woodlawn were the winners of this year's Tiny Tim medallion contest sponsored by the Register-News.

The treasure was hidden on the sculpture at Hope Triangle Park in Mt. Vernon.

The Draeges found Tiny Tim's lost medallion Friday morning, which was the fourth day of the contest. However, it was only the second day of searching for the couple.

“We were behind,” Cindy Draege said of the late start.

As part of the annual contest, the Register-News publishes clues to the medallion's whereabouts during one week in December. The clues become progressively more specific about the hidden item's location as the week goes on.

Steve Draege said it was Friday's clue that led them to the right spot. In particular, it was the part of the clue that states, “the hospital I remembered was not there at all.”

“Whenever they said up by the old hospital and that was closed,” Steve said.

Thursday's clue made reference to a bike trail, which was helpful, Cindy said. Even so, the local trail in question covers a large area from around the Jefferson County Historical Village to Veterans Park, she said.

“The only thing is when they mentioned the bike trail, we've got more area to cover because it wasn't specific,” Cindy said. “It's a big area.”

Steve Draege and his daughter, Kristina, found the medallion in 2011. He said his family takes part in the search every year.

“We like the competitiveness, the mystery,” Steve said.

Steve and Cindy came to the Register-News Friday to claim their prize a six-month subscription to the newspaper.

The couple could also visit six other participating local businesses to claim additional prizes.