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February 4, 2014

Mt. Vernon police chief steps down


“We’re saddened to see Chris leave the city as chief,” said City Manager Ron Neibert. “He’s done a good job of keeping the department running in a professional and efficient basis. He’s also done a good job with community outreach, letting people know the service police provide and keeping the city a safe place.”

City Councilman David Wood expressed his thoughts about the “professionalism” of officers under Mendenall’s leadership in a letter to the editor received by this newspaper.

“The professionalism is all due to Chief Mendenall’s leadership,” Wood said Monday.

When patrolling with officers several times over the last six years, Wood stated, “What I never witnessed, not even once, was a loss of control or lack of professionalism. Even when antagonized, which was unfortunately all too common, his officers maintained control while exhibiting restraint that comes with training, experience and supervision.”

Neibert said the police and fire commission will be notified of the vacancy. The commission will review and interview internal candidates first. If the commission doesn’t fee there are suitable internal candidates they may go out and seek external candidates.

Assistant Chief Chris Deichman will run the department until a new chief is appointed.

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