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January 8, 2014

Waltonville News

The Register-News

---- — Bet you think I must be bored and have nothing else to do, to have found me much sooner than expected, since I can’t, or more like, won’t go outside. Of course not!

I have been bird watching from my kitchen window and have seen at least 14 different species, and kid watching, crafting, baking, eating way too much, and best of all talking! Not to Ben! He never listens anyway, but by golly, when he talks, you listen! He’s like the bull in the Merrill Lynch commercial, “When the Bull talks, people listen!” Well, he’s my bull! Stubborn like one too!

If you missed my last article, told you I would update you on my buzzard neighbor’s comings and goings. Well, they flew the “coop” about a week after I wrote you. As you knew, I was quite concerned about them not having any food. I told Ben that I had some chicken skins I thought may help in this time need, and how about taking them to the tower for me. He then informed me that they had left! Thank goodness! Hope they have better luck in the south. But I did spot a loner one day, and I thought he may be the one left behind to hold down the fort till they return. Wonder how they picked the chosen one, by drawing the shortest feather? HA! HA!

Since it has been so, so cold outside, the hot tub has been begging me to come outside to get inside. But with my imagination going wild with the thought of what if I stepped out on the concrete with my wet feet and get stuck, just like the boy from the Christmas Story who had put his wet tongue to the flag pole! Besides looking like a Popsicle to be made! Na! Think I’ll wait for at least the 20’s!

Has Charlie Hirons hit the jackpot again? Wow! That is some big oil rig! Wonder if it does hit oil, will it explode like in the movies? And they’ll dance in the overflow? There goes my imagination!

I don’t know if you are aware of the changes in the pick-up of the mail, but if you are, please skip on down to next paragraph! HEE! HEE! Those of you that get your mail picked up at your box, you may not have your mail in the mail stream till the next day! So check with your office to see what time your carrier gets back off the route. The reason for the delay is the fact that all the Star Route drivers are picking up the outgoing mail earlier than some of the carrier’s arrival back from the route. Here at Scheller, it is 3:30; Waltonville, 3:15; Sesser at 3:00. The reason: so that St. Louis can process the mail earlier and get it out sooner. But the problem is that your mail will wait for an extra day, granted that you don’t hand deliver it at the post office itself! This is not only for our area but all over Southern IL. So like they say at Christmas time, “Mail Early!” Which is now the slogan all year around!

One more bit of postal news! The postage rate will be going up on January 26th to 49 cents! Why not 50 and get done with it! Suppose they think we are slow? It’s like when stores charge $4.99. It is that they think we think it is cheaper than $5.00? By one cent! Come on! So stock up and save 60 cents a book or better yet, $3.00 a roll! WOW!

Home news! My son Bill was home from Kuwait just before Christmas and will be returning on the 11th till he finishes up in June. He pinkie swore with his daughter Maggie that he would not go back. That is the good news. But the bad news is that they will not be living here next to us. His wife Kim and Maggie already has moved down to Alabama in October where they had a home which had been rented out until October. We knew for a long time they left their hearts down there, but when they left, Maggie took a big hunk out of mine!

Anybody have some news of their Christmas, travel, or snow adventures? Please share with us! It’s always fun to hear about other’s experiences, just like the one about Barb Shurtz’s trip! Talk to you the next time I have something to share! Glad you are such good listeners! Take care!