Mt. Vernon Register-News

November 23, 2012

Resource guide now available

The guides can be picked up at City Hall or is online at


MT. VERNON — — Community members spent a year putting together a resource guide for the city of Mt. Vernon, which is available now.

Betty Barker came before the Mt. Vernon City Council on Monday to share the results of the 30-member group’s efforts.

“All these people stayed with it,” said Mt. Vernon Mayor Mary Jane Chesley. “We wanted to have a directory of services available in the city. We thought we would knock this out in six months, but more and more started to pop up.”

The directory covers everything from adoption and childcare to pet resources and substance abuse, Chesley said. The guide also contains helpful toll-free numbers and guidance on how to get help with financial aid or food, including prepared meals and food pantries.

“It has evolved from something with a few pages into a small book,” she said.

Barker said people from several different agencies got together to help produce the resource guide, meeting monthly for a year. Local hospitals Crossroads Community Hospital and Good Samaritan Regional Health Center also had input into the guide’s content, she added.

“There were more than 26 people who attended, and even more who sent e-mails,” she said. “Thank you for giving us this opportunity to help people in need. We had a lot of help.”

The 35-page guide is available at City Hall or online at, said Chesley.

“I highly recommend that offices, churches and organizations, the courthouse, have one available,” she said. “Please come and get copies.”

City Council member Todd Piper said the resource guide will be a help to all local organizations.

“When they have a question about, ‘Who do I call,’ it’s in this guide,” he said.