Mt. Vernon Register-News

December 13, 2012

Wooden finds Tiny Tim medallion


MT. VERNON — — On the third day of searching, Jerry Wooden of Nason found treasure.

“I almost didn’t pick it up,” Wooden said. “I thought I saw something else, but it wasn’t it.”

Wooden was the person to find Tiny Tim’s medallion — the treasure in the Register-News annual Christmas event. During one week in December, residents can read a clue in the newspaper that leads them to the place where Tiny Tim lost his medallion and return it to the Register-News office to claim their prize.

Wooden’s sleuthing skills were put to the test, but he said he unearthed hidden clues from the first day of the contest. This year, the medallion was hidden inside the cannon on the Jefferson County Courthouse lawn, part of the county veterans memorial.

“That very first day, the word ‘lawn’ kept jumping out at me,” Wooden said. “I thought of the courthouse lawn and the library.”

The library is the site of the Woman Veterans Memorial.

“I went to the park this morning, and that’s where everyone was looking,” Wooden said. “I thought, ‘they have honored veterans for years at the courthouse.’ I didn’t even make it around the block and there it lay.”

Wooden has been trying to be the first to find the medallion each year of the contest.

“Usually, by the time I get my paper and get into town, someone else always got it,” Wooden said. “I thought I had to be smart enough to think ahead this time. But the first day, in my mind, that word, ‘lawn’ was the key.”