Mt. Vernon Register-News

October 31, 2013

MVTHS may get new name, logo

CNHI News Service


MT. VERNON — A different name and logo may be chosen for Mt. Vernon Township High School as part of the ongoing effort to build a new school facility.

Superintendent Michael Smith said Wednesday discussions need to take place “sooner rather than later” on these potential changes, which would go into effect when the new school opens in 2015.

We need to have a dialogue on that,” Smith said.

The name and logo issues came up at a special meeting Wednesday of the MVTHS Board of Education's Building Committee.

No decisions were reached at that time, and committee members talked about soliciting input from students, staff, and the community before any changes are made.

Smith said it's possible the name will remain the same. The logo is expected to still be a Ram, but the current design will likely be revamped, he said.

Also on Wednesday, the committee reviewed the specific time frame for bidding out construction of the new $72.8 million high school.

Chief Architect Greg Brown guided committee members through the complex bidding process. He also showed them brick samples for the new building's exterior.

It's an update,” Brown said of his presentation Wednesday. “And typically we do this before we go out for bids just to make sure that we're tracking on the same page with the board.”

Bid advertisements are set to be published in local newspapers next week. The bid documents, including specifications and other project details, will be available for public viewing starting Nov. 5.

At the next MVTHS Building Committee meeting Nov. 12, members will have a “project verification” session where they will review all the different aspects of the new school.

Then, on Nov. 13, a special pre-bid meeting will be held at 2 p.m. at the MVTHS auditorium. At this time, contractors will have a chance to ask questions about the project.

A total of 24 “packages” are being bid out in November, and all bids have to be received by Dec. 5.

Each package is essentially a project in the construction. For example, utilities and concrete work are separate packages.

The MVTHS Board will likely award bids for the “critical contractors” at their Dec. 16 meeting. This includes contractors for steel work, concrete work, excavation, plumbing and more.

Additional parts of the project, such as furniture and technology, will not be bid out until early next year.

MVTHS Board member Norma Fairchild expressed concern Wednesday about the possibility of bids coming in much higher than expected.

Brown said he hopes such a situation does not occur as it may lead to a costly re-design. Even so, it's hard to predict bid amounts since they are “market-driven,” he said.

We try to manage the risk,” Brown said.

With the ground-breaking still set for early January 2014, Smith said school officials are excited about the prospect of finally starting construction on the new school.

It's been over three years to get to this point and we're ready to actually get moving on the construction,” Smith said.