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March 6, 2014

Only one contested race for Board


Lindemann is a former school board member, and elder in his church and a former firefighter and EMT.

“As your County Board member, I believe in being open and honest,” Lindemann said. “I am fair, independent and will work hard for the taxpayers of Jefferson County.”

Bullard said he is committed to bringing the best interests of all the electorate into every board room decision.

“Today, many local governing bodies, from schools, city and county, are increasing taxes,” Bullard said. “Increasing taxes are an indication of government’s failure to understand our needs and manage our business. They are spending more than they make and are asking us to finance the difference. Some tax increases have good intentions, but nearly all demonstrate a lack of consideration and planning for the needs of the voters as well as very poor business practices. These boards act as though we are cash cows with deep pockets and demonstrate a ‘tax-o-matic’ government, blindly raising our cost of living. This takes away from our lives and families increasing hardships in many homes. Since our needs are not considered, we have become the forgotten half of Jefferson County.”

Bullard said continuing to tax is not acceptable.

“With 20 percent of the residents of Jefferson County at or below the poverty level, and the 30 percent of residents above that live from paycheck to paycheck, this taxing trend is not acceptable,” Bullard said. “Today, our communities have too many people sacrificing the basic essentials of life, medicine, utilities, food, clothing, etc., just to survive. I find this to be a human tragedy and completely unacceptable. Swept under the carpet, it is like these people do not exist and they become part of the forgotten half of Jefferson County Clearly, when boards discuss tax increases, when they plant heir growth, finances and future, they have no choice but to consider the impact of their actions on the entire electorate.

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