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March 22, 2014

MVTHS preschool decision based on student interest


“It just breaks my heart to not be able to provide that education for those kids,” said MVTHS teacher Brittany Boldt at Monday’s meeting. Boldt runs the preschool. “It’s my job to defend my students and my programs because it’s a good one, it really is, and it’s a good one that Mt. Vernon High School has had for a very, very long time.”

The TLC Preschool provides child care for several MVTHS faculty members, who bring their children to the on-site program. Some children belonging to the general public are also served by TLC.

Certain MVTHS students work with these children as part of the Child Care II CTE class, Olson said.

Boldt said Monday about 10 to 15 pre-K students are served by the preschool and that the program is “pretty self-sufficient” as it receives grant funding and a modest fee is charged to families who take part.

Another speaker at Monday’s meeting was Samantha Schwartz, a fifth grade teacher at Bethel Grade School.

Schwartz is a 2007 graduate of MVTHS and attended Child Care CTE classes while at the high school. She said the preschool program helped prepare her for her educational career.

“It was absolutely the most important part of my education,” Schwartz said of the CTE courses. “Everything I’ve learned comes from this program and I would be very sad to see it go away.”

The MVTHS Board made no decision on the preschool issue at Monday’s meeting.

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