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April 1, 2014

Recycling option presented

MT. VERNON — The city will be offering citizens 12-month landscape waste pickup, and the possibility of curbside recycling will be determined next week.

Seven bid specification packets were sent out by the city for the trash and waste pickup for residents, as the current contract expires at the end of the month. One company provided bids, with alternatives for extra landscape pickup and recycling options — Republic Waste.

“They are our current contractor ... after buying Midwest Waste,” explained City Manager Ron Neibert. “We put a lot of variety in the specs.”

At this time, residents get curbside trash pickup one a week, can have bulk items picked up once a week, and have landscape waste picked up nine months of the year.

Council members quickly determined that having yard waste pickup for 12 months of the year would allow more flexibility for the council to determine if a leaf burning ban would be in order at a later date.

Offering recycling was discussed for much of the meeting, with the council deciding that, if offered, pickup of recycling bins should be every other week.

“Republic would supply calendars to customers to let them know when their pickups for trash and recycling is,” Neibert said. “They would have different totes for trash and another for recycling.”

Jennifer Parkhill and Doug McFarland of Republic answered questions from the council on items that can be recycled as well as how the recycling is processed by the company. According to Parkhill, if the council started a city-wide recycling

program, each household would receive a recycling tote.

“Its the same size container as for trash, which is 95 gallon,” Parkhill said. “Everything goes in one container that is recyclable, they don’t have to sort by type. We take everything except glass and styrofoam. Cans, cardboard, paper, plastic, we can take it all. The customer would just put it all in the recycle container. ... With co-mingling, there is no sorting and we have found there is more participation.”

For the April 7 city council meeting, Neibert will prepare two contract for the council to consider — one for the current services plus year-round landscape waste removal, and the other for current services plus year-round landscape removal and bi-weekly recycling. The cost of the first contract will be $12.63 per month for residents; the one with recycling will be $16.49 per month for residents.

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