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September 19, 2013

Liability concern addressed by committee

MT. VERNON — Nason Mayor Richard Buck addressed the Jefferson County Highway Committee on Wednesday night about a potential liability problem.

Buck said there are two dead trees on Jefferson Street in front of Smokin' Joe's that "will eventually fall over. If it falls over, it will be a real liability."

County Engineer Brandon Simmons, who had examined the trees with Buck earlier, said the problem will be taken care of in the fall, when the highway department begins tree trimming. Buck said he was bringing up the problem since he had not heard back from Simmons, who apologized to Buck and said he had been very busy in recent weeks with new projects and the issue of the bridge collapse on Panzier Lane.

"We will definitely take care of it in our time frame," Simmons said, indicating the department usually begins tree trimming in the fall.

"We're finishing up our oil and chipping this week, so we should be able to get to it by early October," Simmons estimated.

Buck also brought to the committee's attention a ditch near the Christian church which has filled sediment from farmer's fields, causing a draining problem when it rains. Simmons said when crews are in Nason, they will also take care of that issue.

In other business, the Highway Committee recommended accepting the low fuel bids from Synenergy. The biodiesel bid of $3.2729 and the gasohol bid of $2.8055 will be recommended to the full board for approval.

Simmons reported the Violet Road bridge project began on Sept. 4 and abutments were formed Wednesday. He also mentioned the piling had been driven and encased in concrete.

Simmons also reported new steel piping is in place on County Line Road since two culverts had rusted. The county was able to trade labor and equipment fn exchange for the tubing made available by Grand Prairie Township officials.

Randy Edwards recognized the department for "mowing up" Riddle Lane, and Jim Laird added Hall Lane is also in "excellent" condition.

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