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October 3, 2013

Crossroads offers info on reform


Richardson said once into the system, individuals will key in information that should provide prior tax information.

"That will determine if you are allowed any subsidies. You will have to self-attest that you're expecting this year's income to be no more than 10 percent of last year's income," she said.

The plans are based on income and family size, Richardson said, adding that some of the highest rates in Illinois are in the southern part of the state. She also said smokers will pay higher premiums.

"The four plans are bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Platinum is the most expensive, but it will have the lowest deductible and co-pays; the bronze will be the least expensive, but it will have high deductibles and co-pays," she explained.

At the informational meeting, Richardson said hospital officials will present an overview of ACA and the mandates within the program, what subsidies are available, who qualifies, and to answer questions.

"After they hear the presentation, if they want to see what they qualify for, then they can work with our application assistant," Richardson said, adding the assistant will have regular hours at the hospital during the transitional process.

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