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November 5, 2013

Names sought for JCOIF

The Register-News

---- — MT. VERNON — Names of warriors currently serving in the Afghanistan Theater or aboard Navy ships supporting operations within the Afghanistan Theater are being sought by the Jefferson County Operation Iraqi Freedom Committee.

JCOIF sends military post exchange gift cards worth $800 to local soldiers serving during the holidays.

“We’re looking for about 15 warriors,” Keen said. “We don’t want to forget a warriors. ... and please continue to pray for the safety of all our military warriors.”

JCOIF has been sending out the gift cards since 2004, providing warriors with close to $150,000 and more than 300 gift cards. Over the years, warriors have reported using the funds to buy presents for family at home; sharing with fellow warriors to get needed supplies; purchasing programs such as Skype and computers so they can talk face-to-face with family in the States.

The committee relies on area residents to provide names and addresses for warriors serving who receive the cards.

“Due to privacy laws, we are unable to get names directly from the military,” Keen said. “

The gift cards are purchased by members of the JCOIF by the end of November at Scott Air Force Base. The cards are scheduled to be sent around Dec. 1 to allow them to be received by Christmas.

Anyone who knows of a warrior serving in Afghanistan Theater are asked to contact any JCOIF committee members or Keen at 316-9502.