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November 13, 2013

Summit offers hope to parolees


Travis Deloch, also of Mt. Vernon, is looking for work after serving eight months in DOC on a charge of unlawful use of weapons. Deloch was paroled on Christmas eve a year ago.

"I'm trying to get my license back and better myself pretty much," Deloch said. "Hopefully, I can get a resume today and take it with me to find a job."

Shirrell's goal is to be a role model for young people.

"I hope to get some knowledge and see how far I can go with my education," Shirrell said. "I hope to go out and help some younger people not to go down that (criminal) path. It's not something I would wish on anybody. I saw so many young people while I was in prison that looked like babies to me that shouldn't be there, so my whole thing, is that I want to do something different in helping others."

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