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April 15, 2014

MVTHS approves changes

MT. VERNON — Mt. Vernon Township High School officials Monday approved about $65,000 in additional cost reductions for the new school project.

The most significant savings, for $50,000, will come from using a more standard metal building skin for the new school’s Career Technical Education building.

“That one, to me, seems like a no-brainer,” said Brian Baldwin, project manager for the McCarthy firm.

The second reduction, for $15,000, involves doing away with the electrically lit signage at the four main entrances to the new campus. These are signs that identify key buildings like the gym, the theater and the CTE building.

Instead of having electric lighting there, the letters on the signs will now be carved into stone, Baldwin said.

“As we’re going through the redesign, we’re finding additional items,” Baldwin said of the cost reductions.

The MVTHS Board of Education reviewed these reductions, and others, at a special board meeting held Monday night.

Some of the cost reductions proposed by consultants Monday were not agreed to by the board.

Board members decided against eliminating the brick wainscoting around the new CTE building.

They also rejected a proposal to get rid of several “decorative round sky dome light fixtures” set to be installed around the new campus. The fixtures are meant to give the appearance of skylights.

Board members agreed the minor cost savings from eliminating the light fixtures didn’t seem to be worth it considering the aesthetic value the fixtures add to the interior design.

“Sometimes there are little things you do that make a big impact,” said MVTHS Board member Robert Stewart. “Lighting is a big thing.”

Cutting costs has been a priority for the board ever since initial construction bids for the new school came in at more than $6 million over-budget in December.

FGM Architects is currently completing a redesign of the school, which is set to be completed by July 7. Most of the project’s construction will be rebid once the redesign is finished.

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