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June 27, 2013

Bidding held on city properties

MT. VERNON — For the first time, the city has held a live bidding for its residential property.

"I believe this is the first time we have had a structure that was salvageable," said City Capital Projects Manager Nathan McKenna. "Most of the properties we acquire are dangerous and dilapidated and beyond repair."

Two properties were up for bid, one at 811 N. 11th St., and the other at 2814 Cherry St. The 11th Street property was a two-story home with five bedrooms and two baths. The Cherry Street property was a two-bedroom, one bath home.

"The idea is to sell the homes, which will mean the city doesn't have to continue to maintain them," McKenna said. "And, they get back on the tax rolls."

The 11th Street property did not receive a bid at the minimum $15,000 required by the city, although one person did submit a bid; and the Cherry Street property did not receive the $15,000 minimum bid either, with three people showing interest in the property.

"We will have to re-evaluate the bidding," McKenna said. "Then decide where to go from there."

In addition to the live bids, the city also held a sealed bid on 91 properties which did not have structures. The reserve on the lots were $750.

"We periodically declare equipment and property as surplus," City Manager Ron Neibert said when the properties were approved for the bid process."

Neibert said after the city acquires property and before they are declared surplus, staff of the various city departments inspect and determine if the city has a use for the property — for parks or green space use or storm drains as two examples given.

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