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December 19, 2012

Innovation Park plans approved

MT. VERNON — The board of commissioners for the Mt. Vernon Outland Airport approved the architectural plans for Innovation Park at a special meeting Tuesday night.

The approval had been tabled at last week’s regular board meeting because the plans had been received that afternoon and the board had not had the chance to fully look over all the proposed plans.

There were also concerns raised regarding floor drains and the design on the office space, issues which have since been resolved.

Innovation Park is the name that was given to the development of the southwest quadrant of the airport. The work will include the construction of a new hangar as well as a new ramp.

Carey Lipps, president of Lipps Construction Co. and Brian Edmison, architect for Lipps Construction Co. were both at the meeting to answer any design questions about the construction for the new hangar.

Brian Lipps said there will be floor drains integrated into the new design. He explained after researching plumbing and fire codes, trench drains were required. The other reason for adding the floor drains is because if no floor drains were put in, it may limit who could occupy the building in the future.

No drain had been put in the original plan did not call for a floor drain because the airport did not plan on using the hangar do perform maintenance or wash planes in it.

“It’s our intention for the person that going to use it, we’re not going to wash planes,” Brian Lipps said. “At some point it have a different use than the intended use.”’

The area designated for office space will be built with no interior walls, Carey Lipps added.

The authority is using local tax funds to pay for the ramp but is seeking other financing for the hangar that it will pay through airport revenue, airport manager Chris Collins said. Tax payers will not be expected to fund the hangar project for Innovation Park.

The tentative schedule for the work on the park to begin is as follows: bid announcement and bid document release, Dec. 20; pre-bid meeting, Jan. 3, 2013; bid date, Jan. 11, 2013; bid award date, Jan. 21, 2013; preconstruction conference, Jan. 28, 2013; construction commencement, Feb. 4, 2013; substantial completion, May 31, 2013; and project closeout, June 7, 2013.

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