Mt. Vernon Register-News

October 10, 2013

Taylor joins Ina P.D.

The Register-News

---- — INA — Ina Police Department has expanded its department to include a part time detective.

Clint Taylor, who was with the Mt. Vernon Police Department for 14 years as a patrol sergeant, was hired Monday night by the Ina Board of Trustees. Taylor submitted his resignation to the MVPD on Friday.

“We want to increase our service to the community,” said Ina Chief of Police Travis Allen. “With Clint’s experience and expertise in helping solve crimes, we believe he is the right person to help us.” Allen said the community has had a rash of burglaries, and by adding on a detective, the department will be able to do a better job of bringing cases to a resolution.

“We are trying to work independently as much as possible. We still will rely on the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, and will work with them cooperatively. We’re just trying to move in an independent direction and we think Clint will be a very vital part to our success,” Allen said.

Taylor’s main duty at the Ina Police Department will be as as “on call” detective. He will also serve as a patrol officer when officers are sick or off.

The hiring of Taylor brings to four the number of officers at the Ina Police Department. In addition to Allen and Taylor, Jordan Spetter is the assistant chief and Anthony Amato is a patrol officer.

Taylor, who has two personal businesses and has started a third, said the opportunity to work independently was too good to pass up.

“I still want to be involved in law enforcement, and I don’t want to waste my skills, and I would like to do that in Jefferson County. Ina gave me the perfect opportunity to do that,” he said. “Jefferson County only has one detective, and so if Ina needs fingerprints or something like that, I can respond as soon as possible, so I offered my services to Travis.”

Taylor operates a fishing guide business, Crappie Xtreme, which offers fishermen guided tours of Rend Lake, and he operates Southern Illinois Outfitters — guided hunting tours. Just recently, Taylor started Southern Illinois Concealed Carry LLC, offering conceal carry classes in Jefferson and surrounding counties. A new facility is under construction near Rend Lake.

“I had been thinking about this for months. I want to take a chance to see if I can make a living working for myself,” Taylor said.